The Paintings and Imagination of an English Artist
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Keeper of the Twilight

The White Tree

The Meet

The Earth is Singing

The Dream

Summer Light


Fox's Wood

The Comet

Starlight Wood

Home at Midnight

Harvest Ridge

Heather Hills

Under an Amber Sky

Winter Sky

The Speaking Tree

Mists of Dawn

A November Night

The Other World

The Gift of Stars

Starry Night

Nocturnal Friends

Moon Wood

Luna Meadow

Glow of the Moon


By the Moonlight

La Que Sabe

Cloud Watching

Woodland Path

The Golden Tree

Solstice Dreaming

Saving of the Trees

Return of the Birds

Looking for Cernunnos


A June Morning


Woodland Sleep

Wolf Song

Watching the Skies

Tree of Stars

The Midnight Fox

The Journey


Midnight Blue

Little Blessings

Guided by the Moon


Asleep Under the Stars

Watching the Moths at Play

Owl Spirit

Moth Flight

Moon Moth

Garden Tiger Moth

Equinox Night

Comet Moth

Ancient Woods
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All paintings and images are the property of Amanda Clark and therefore all rights are reserved.